Quotes on Growth: Tracee Ellis Ross

“I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me” Tracee Ellis Ross

Doug Hawxhurst Tracee Ellis Ross.png

Actress, model, and fashion icon Tracee Ellis Ross has lived her life in the public eye from an early age, as her mother was the R&B Legend Diana Ross. Though Tracee has been an entertainer and an activist since the 80s, her most recent accomplishments have included her 2017 Golden Globe for her role in Black-Ish. Still, though, Ross has never been married, and in a heartfelt talk at a Glamour Summit, she explained how despite her long and impressive list of accomplishments, there is still a lot of room between her ideal life and where she is at present, without a spouse or children or a political claim to fame. However, in this quote, Ross explains how the distance between her present reality and her goals is only what she perceives it to be. Sure, it could be daunting, but it could also motivate her to keep trekking towards her goals.

About Doug Hawxhurst

Doug Hawxhurst is an experienced senior executive in the fitness industry. He is COO of Jersey Strong.
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